Introduction: Tiny Shadowbox House

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Don't you love that amazing feeling when you're doing something you love and it feels like you've just entered another world? Sadly, it only feels like it, but what if you were to actually see that world? Decorate it? Feel it? Well, in this instructable you will be making another world of your own, a more visible one. You will be making a Tiny house!

Step 1: Housing Equipment

You will need

  • A tiny shadowbox with a lid
  • An excel or xacto knife
  • Craft glue
  • A ruler (preferably metal)
  • A jumbo popcicle stick
  • A pencil
  • And maybe some plyers

Step 2: The Construction

The first thing that you will want to do is open the lid of the box. Use your plyers to lift up the two black peices of metal holding down the square piece of wood on the lid. Take the square out and stand it up against one side of the box. Draw a line where the excess wood peeks over the box. Cut along the line with your knife.

  • Tip: Use your ruler when you're cutting to get a straighter edge.
  • Tip: Don't discard any pieces of wood until the end of this project, for you will/ might need them.
  • Tip: If you are going to paint your house, paint the box first, and then paint whatever you are going to paint right before you glue it on.

Step 3: Rectangular Two

Take your big square piece, and measure a centimeter of it. Mark it, then cut it off. You should now have two tiny rectangles. Take your bigger rectangle and cut off a small square section of it. When you've done that, take both of your rectangles, and divide them into six equal sections. Cut those sections and we'll call those pieces the tiny wood pile.

Step 4: Second Things First

You are now going to take your small square and one piece of wood from your tiny wood pile. And please look at the pictures from this point on because I'll try my best to explain it with words, but it probably won't be clear! Anyway, glue your tiny wood piece and you small square together as shown in the first picture. While waiting for that to dry, take your big square, and glue it horizontally to the left center of the box. After the big square has dried, take the two pieces that you glued together, and also glue that horizontally inside of the box.

Step 5: Stairs

Now, you are going to start constructing the stairs. Before you do, get four pieces of wood from the tiny wood pile, and make sure that they can fit nice and snug under the stairs. After you have done that, get four other pieces from your tiny wood pile. Take a piece of wood from your first choosings, and place it under the edge of the start of the stairs. Take one from your second pile, and place it on top of the bottom egde. Repeat the process of putting wood from the first pile in the bottom edge and wood from the second pile on the top of the edge.

Step 6: Mumbo Jumbo

Now, break out your popcicle stick- yes: the JUMBO one! Cut off the round part on one end. Put that flat part on the bottom of the box and align the popcicle with one of the walls. Cut the part that sticks up over the box and do that two more times. You should now have three nice rectangular pieces that will be your walls. I placed two walls on the second floor one on the bottom. I labeled which room I made which in the last picture on this step.

Step 7: Home Sweet Home

Now make home home! If you want a couple of ideas, I listed some below!

  • Make clay, wooden, or whatever kind you want furniture for your house!
  • Get a flash light and put it behind your tiny house. Next, get some fake cobwebs (or real ones if your as cheap as me) and decorate the insde and outside of your house with them.
  • Make more tiny houses and arrange them like an apartment complex.
  • Do whatever contents your hearts!
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