Introduction: Miniature Table Set (Polymer Clay)

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Hello! I love making tiny things. My favorite material to use is polymer clay. I wanted to create a dinner table set made for teeny tiny people (or fairies or tiny mice). Enjoy!


- polymer clay
- jewelry box top
- empty thread bobbins
- glue
- small piece of fabric
- nimble fingers

Step 1: Table

Glue bobbins together (how many you use depends on how high you want the table - I used two small ones for each “leg”). Then glue the legs to the bottom of a jewelry box. To finalize the table, drape a piece of fabric on the top and glue down the sides a little bit so the fabric doesn’t fold up.

Step 2: Centerpiece

I started with my centerpiece because I got excited. I made a little succulent garden as the centerpiece! So cute!! Start with the bowl, add brown clay for dirt and then start sculpting tiny plants (I love succulents so I looked at the ones I have around the house as inspiration - you could also google images of some if you prefer)

Step 3: Plates and Napkins

Sculpt some plates by rolling small bales of clay in your hand. Then squish them down with your thumb and gently indent the rim with your fingernail. For the napkins, flatten out pieces of clay and fold them like a tiny fan - add a finishing touch by putting a napkin ring in the center (roll out a tiny piece of clay and wrap it around the center of the napkin fan).

Step 4: Hors D’oeuvres

I decided to start the meal off with a cheese plate, a garden salad with cherry tomatoes, and deviled eggs. As you can see, some of the tiny folks arrived early and couldn’t help but to begin filling their plates. Others have yet to join the fun! For the eggs, I made tiny white balls out of clay, hollowed out a hole in the center, and filled it with yellow clay (I baked them individually so I could separate them out - or else they would clump together). For the salad, I pulled of tiny bits of green clay (different shades) and dropped them into the bowl. I added tiny red balls for the cherry tomatoes. Lastly, the sculpted a cheese board out of brown clay (I mixed two browns so it looked more like wood), the olives are tiny black balls of clay, the crackers I cut from a tiny log of clay I rolled, and the cheese I sculpted (with the help of google images).

Step 5: Final Product and Object for Size Comparison

Once you have added everything you want to add to your tiny table (I included tiny candlesticks, salt and pepper shakers, and a bowl of oranges), pick an object to use for size comparison. I suggest a toothpick (as seen on my table) or a coin.

I plan to hide my table in a tree stump in the middle of the woods this spring. I hope a kid will stumble across it and let their imagination run wild.

Woohoo! Enjoy!

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