Introduction: Tiny Teddy Bed

About: I have a bearded dragon called Rango!!

Step 1: Cotton Wool

You will need some cotton wool depending on the size of your box.

Step 2: Box

You will need an earring,necklace or bracelet box for your cotton wool. It should be easy to open.

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5: Padding

Take the padding out from the bottom of the box so ur left with just cardboard.

Step 6:

Separate and add cotton to the bottom.

Step 7:

Add to the top for the covers/duvet

Step 8: Wrap Up

That's my real dog brownie by the way!!! He is a Yorkshire terrier!!!! Only 4 weeks old!!!

Step 9: Goodnight

Put the lid on so we can still see the top of the teddys head!!! Sleep tight little bear sweet dreams