Introduction: Tiny Terrors Dagger V2

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  • Hello, today I have ANOTHER V2! This time for my old Tiny Terrors Dagger. It has some new features as well(pics)

Step 1: Handle


Step 2: Blade

If you can't make this I feel bad for you. Btw if you don't have light grays, use reds.

Step 3: Putting Them Together Part 1

Probably the most complicated step.

Pic 1: take off the top 2 red connectors

Pic 2: insert the blade with 2 tan connectors

Pic 3: how the tan connectors are put in

Step 4: Putting Them Together Part 2

Pic 4: take off the gray piece

Pic 5: put the red connectors back on

Pic 6: put the gray piece back on

Step 5: Done!

You have completed the thing. Yay!