TinyBots- Snowplow Upgrade

Introduction: TinyBots- Snowplow Upgrade

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In this Instructable, you will make an adorable (and potentially useful) upgrade for your TinyBot(s). There are two versions, and they are both simple and fun to do. I tried to keep these as easy as possible, so they are made with common household items and one tool (not counting scissors).

Step 1: Snowplow Upgrade- Version I

For this snowplow version you will need an old gift card or credit card and a TinyBot (I used BrushyBot). You will also want a hot-glue gun and a good pair of scissors or cutters.

Step 2: Making the Version 1 Snowplow

First, line up where you'll want the plow to be mounted on your TinyBot with the edge of the card. Then draw a line a bit above where the bristles end. Next, make two lines 3/4-1 inch apart. You should now have a small rectangle. Cut it out, and you have most of your snowplow ready!

Step 3: Mount the Version 1 Snowplow!

To mount the snowplow, simply put hot-glue(Note: be careful, as hot-glue is HOT!) across the top of the piece of plastic, then attach it to your TinyBot where you decided on before. Wait until it is dry, then make sure it is stable. It should look something like the picture. If your plow extends below the bristles, your 'Bot won't be able to balance, so you should trim it in that case. That's it! It's as easy as that. Just take it out to your welcome mat or doorstep and let it run, and it will not only look adorable, but it will help with your shoveling(a little)!

Step 4: Snowplow Upgrade- Version 2

For this snowplow version, you will need a piece of cereal-box cardboard(you could laminate it to make it more snow-friendly) and a pipe cleaner. You might also find a hot-glue gun helpful.

Step 5: Making the Version 2 Snowplow

To make this snowplow, you'll need to cut a rectangle out of cardboard in the same way that you cut the gift card(see step 2) and two pieces of pipe cleaner the same height as your rectangle.

Step 6: Mounting the Version 2 Snowplow!

To mount the version 2 plow, first hot-glue the pipe-cleaner pieces to the sides of the cardboard. Then bend it so that the pipe cleaners hold it in place.(Note: the pictures might explain better here.) Lastly, glue the bent cardboard to the front of the 'Bot in the place you designated earlier.

Step 7: You're Done! Hope It Snows Where You Live...

That's all! I hope you have fun making this cute and fun project and it actually does a little shoveling for you! If you don't have snow where you live, perhaps you bake and could use this to sweep flour off the counter. If you get tons of snow where you live, maybe you could connect lots of gift cards and about ten TinyBots and make one huge snow-plowing machine!

Step 8: Bonus! Antlers...

If you're into the holiday spirit and want something a little extra to do, this is for you. All you need is your TinyBot and a pipe cleaner. First, bend the pipe cleaner so there is a loop at the bottom and twist it. Then trim the long ends of the cleaner to about two inches. Then bend them in whatever way makes them look like reindeer antlers to you. Once you're done with that, just undo your loop and redo it around your TinyBot, and you're finished!

Step 9: Preview...

These are some of the supplies I'll be using in my next projects... any guesses? The next TinyBot is coming soon!

Step 10: Disclaimer

Attention- this snowplow is not fit for plowing roads wider than one inch (1") and is unsuitable for snow deeper than four inches (4"). It is recommended for plowing your doorstep or your welcome mat.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    For the Formlabs contest-

    If I won a Formlabs 3d printer, I would use it to prototype new TinyBot designs and I would also use it to make custom minecraft figures... would make an ible on that too...


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ha ha, very clever!

    Now the trick is to make several thousand of these, and get them to work in unison to clear my driveway.