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Introduction: Tinyduino LEGO GPS Battery Powered Logger DIY

Hi All :)

It's us again. And when I mean "us" - it means me and PS.
We have decided to share with you some of our recent project that we're working on. This is part of the project we're working on but it's "a working part" therefore if your idea is to have pocket size GPS logger that can be powered by battery - you're at right spot!.

In this instructable you will see a lot of photos - some of them with nice lego scenery ;) - I had to include my daughter in helping me with this "LEGO" part - otherwise she would not share the most necessary lego parts ;) - see "car accident" in middle of scene ;)

I will share with you all necessary links that you need to have to build this at the end / last step. Overall - you can check our other instructables and follow us to see some crazy ideas coming in next few weeks.

Now - let's get this party started. (code attached in last step - big THX for PS)

Regards - JS & PS !

Step 1: What You Need From Tinycircuts to Start Working on Tinyduino GPS Battery Powered Logger

So :)

the first thing you need to have are SHIELDS.

You can get them from Tinycircuts web site - > HERE
Here is what you need to buy:

- Tinycircuits Tinyshield 16 Edge LEDs
- Tinycircuits Tinyshield MicroSD
- Tinycircuits Tinyshield GPS
- Tinycircuits Tinyshield USB & ICP
- Tinycircuts TinyDuino Processor Board (with battery slot)
- Tinycircuts TinyDuino Mounting Kit
- microSD Card - anyone you like - we are using Sandisk
- Battery to power whole set - CR1612-CR1632 - this is optional ! - we have never run it on the CR battery. We did on USB and on peeble power pack like this one -> http://www.mobilefun.pl/37362-veho-pebble-smartsti...

Do I really need all of those ?

If you do not want LED's - see video how it works - you can skip this
If you do not want Data logging (you will have it connected to laptop) - skip the one with MicroSD

up 2 you but - trust us - you want them all :)

Step 2: Time to Do Some Soldering... WHAT ?

And you will love what you hear now...
No soldering - nothing. Not a single cable !!

Seriously ?

yes! - One of the main reasons we've used Tinyduino to do this project is the way you connect one shield to another. You just "click" one to another and ... that's it.

So our order is (from bottom:)

- Tinycircuits Tinyshield GPS (on the top)
- Tinycircuits Tinyshield 16 Edge LEDs
- Tinycircuits Tinyshield MicroSD
- Tinycircuits Tinyshield USB & ICP
- Tinycircuts TinyDuino Processor Board (with battery slot) (on the bottom)

One important thing:
Use Tinycircuts TinyDuino Mouting Kit to ensure your shields are properly clicked. Provided set of screws allow to keep them in proper paraller position. If you do not use them - connectors can get broken. Remember that you have 5 Tinyshields. We have bought set for 4 shields - that's why it's to short for GPS at the top - you can see this at some of the pictures attached. It would be not smart to break your project before it does it's secret-GPS job ;)

and ?

well - upload code....

that's it ;)

Step 3: Additional Info - Tinyduino LEGO Battery Powered GPS Logger

How it works ?

Once started (powered from battery or usb cable) It will look for microSD card and wait until inserted. Than it will look for GPS DATA - blinking around-the-leds. Once GPS signal is found - LED's will represent the number of satelites found by Tinyduino GPS.

How do I read data ? - power off - eject the card from Tinyduino GPS - put it into laptop and voila :) - whatever you want is there :)

See videos attached to this STEP.

Let us know if you like it :)

Looking for code - TinyD.ino - see attached


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    4 years ago

    Stay tuned for our recent project that is going to kickstarter:



    5 years ago

    Try with USB power and let me know


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I've uploaded the sketch and stacked the shields as described but I can't get a GPS connection at all. Any idea what could be the problem?