Introduction: Tip Card

As part of the Fixprest course at the Institute of Technology Holon, we were asked to find and solve a problem that was caused by the Covid-19 virus situation.
after doing a brief research, Tomer Katz and Ann Shmidet, found that there is a real issue
in giving a tip to the delivery guys following the social distancing.
in order to allow people to give tips as they were used to, without harming the government instructions
we found the perfect and easy solution:

A pop up surprising card
which will allow the delivery persons to receive tips
despite the social distancing following the Covid 19

- Go to
in order to get the layout format


- Printer
- Two colors bristol board 170g
- Scissors
- Glue

Step 1: Place Two Bristol Boards for Printing

Step 2: Make Sure You Have Two Pages With Different Layouts

Step 3: Cut Along the Lines

Step 4: Fold the Little Triangle

Step 5: Continue to Fold As Shown

Step 6: Fold the Basket

Step 7:

Step 8: Apply Glue According to the Marks

Step 9: Paste the Hand on the Left Side of the Folded Triangle

Step 10: Paste the Edges

Step 11: Fold

Step 12: Apply Glue on the Marked Place

Step 13: Assembly All the Parts Together

Step 14: Put the Money Tip Inside the Basket

Step 15: Apply Glue on the Tab

Step 16: Close the Pop Up Card

Step 17: Hang on the Main Door Handle