Introduction: Tips for Photography

       Well first of all ,photography is like telling a story or writing a poem. I'm very sure you have heard of the saying "A photo speaks a thousand words". Well it is true because it's all about telling a story, but what is important is to do it your way. The only thing you can learn is the technical side of photography like the meaning of shutter speed, aperture and ISO. If you knew everything to the technical side of photography doesn't necessarily mean you take good photos. The only way you can take stunning and amazing photos is by being you and creating your own style. You could have a professional photographer be your guide but you won't be able to take amazing pictures until you learn to create your own style because in the world of art its about creating not copying. Sure you could have another photographer's work as a source of inspiration but take that inspiration twist it, turn it and make it your style.That is the most important tip is to stay true to your self and create. Well I'll give you some basics like:

Shutter Speed : How fast the sensor of film is exposed to the light like 1/500 of a second is faster
                           than 1/100 of a second.

Aperture : The amount of light let into the camera. It's like the iris of the eye. The larger the F stop
                  the less light

ISO : How sensitive the sensor is to light. The higher the ISO the more sensitive the sensor  is to
         light.It may sound good to haveit  more sensitive to the light but the higher the ISO the less
         quality you are getting.

So here is a sample of my style and a link to my flicker

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