Introduction: Tips and Tricks on How to Be a Perfect Centreman in Hockey

If you are reading this tutorial right now, you are probably interested in scoring your first goal and playing great defense in hockey, so keep reading to learn more. If you are a ringette player please note: At first you will get a lot of offsides (when you go over the blue line before the puck does), but you’ll get the hang of it in no time. If you follow these step by step instructions carefully, you are guaranteed to play great defense and offense, making you the perfect centreman.

Step 1: Materials

Materials you need to succeed:

-Full water bottle

-ALL of your hockey gear

-Stick and Puck

Step 2: Warm Up

Firstly, it starts off with a good warmup and a lot of confidence. Some teams don’t do warm up, so if your one of those teams, I suggest doing it at home (stretching and exercise). A great way to feel confident is by making lots of close friends, ‘cause they will give you that extra little bit of courage, to boost your confidence (If they’re good friends.)

Step 3: Faceoffs

Next, once you are on the ice and ready to go, you will most likely take a faceoff, so a trick is to push the puck past the other centreman’s stick and after, activate the highest gear and bolt past the defensemen or pass the puck to an open teammate.

Step 4: Shooting and Scoring

When you are about to take a shot, make sure you know what kind of shot you’re going to take. If you a pro in hockey, I would suggest a slap shot or a fast, hard, high one-timer. If you are good but haven't played much, I would recommend, a low one-timer, or a crazy hard normal shot. If you are new to hockey, I think a low shot would suit you. (make sure to pull the puck back before shooting)

Step 5: Assisting

Now, if you have tried to score, but it doesn’t work for you (always keep trying), go for an assist, you can do this with 5 simple tips: 1. Make a breakout 2. Get open for the puck 3. Look for someone open 4. Make a pass to them 5. CELEBRATE!

Step 6: Defense in the Other Team's Zone

Of course you have learned to shoot, but you don’t know the most important thing about centre, your DEFENSE and OFFENCE, that is super important! To play defense in the other team's zone, you need to have an eye on the puck at all times. If it’s on a side that has lots of players on it, start backing up, and go to the centre of the ice.If the puck is deep in their zone, then start going forward, and putting pressure on them, so they cough up the puck. If a player is carrying the puck, and coming on you , then check and see if you have 2 things: 1. The ability to stop them 2. Support.

Step 7: Defense in Your Zone

If your defending in your zone, stay low in the zone and look for your defense men. If neither of them or both of them are in front of the net, it is your job to take their position, make sure not to screen your goalie.

Step 8: Passing

After you have learned to shoot, play defense and teamwork, there is one more thing, passing. To make a pass, simply pull back the puck, a good amount and then sweep it pretty hard to where you want to pass it. Now, to receive a pass, make a target with your stick, then gently pull the puck back into your stick when the puck comes. Then, go show off your skills in your next game or practice.