Introduction: Tips for Making Sock Creatures

Ever go to a store and see a pair of socks with an interesting pattern? Why not use them to make a new friend!

Sock creatures come in many sizes shapes, and colors. However, making a sturdy one can be a bit tricky. Here are a few tips:


A large and small pair of very sharp scissors.

Fabric marking pen or pencil

An anti-fraying agent, like Fray Check

fabric glue


fabric measuring tape

sewing needles

hand-sewing thread

extra bits of fabric for decorating


Choose socks that stretch very little and aren't extremely thin. This is important, as this can lead to breakage and stuffing showing through any tightly stuffed spots.

When cutting the sock, immediately coat the edges with the anti-fraying agent. Thick wooly socks (like the one I used for my tentacled friend) fray fastest.

Lips can be made after stuffing the head. Fold the heel of the sock, in the middle, and trap some of the stuffing as you sew. A ladder stitch works best.  The heel of the sock can also be used to make a rear-end for the creatures.

Arms can be made separately and sewn on, or cut from the sides of a sock, leaving one side attached. Then turn inside out, and sew the openings. Will post examples after Christmas.

You can plan ahead, or make it up as you go.

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