Introduction: Tips to Carve a Pumpkin

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Last year when I decided to carve a pumpkin it was a complete fail. It rotted out in about 2 days and the face fell apart. This year I am prepared to make a good pumpkin. I put together helpful tips to let your pumpkin not be a disaster like mine.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Pumpkin

When going to the grocery store, make sure to pick out a pumpkin with no bruises. It will last longer carving will be easier. It also lets your design look cleaner. If you can't find one with no bruises, try to find one with a clear side to carve a face on.

Step 2: Prepare for Carving

1. Cut the top at an angle because you don't want the top to fall into the pumpkin when you try to put it back on. This is the only time you want to cut on an angle.

2. Clean out the pumpkin. I used my hands for the first layer of stuff, then finished it off with a spoon. I made sure to not graze the pumpkin too much when using the spoon because it makes the skeleton of the pumpkin weaker and it will not last longer.

Step 3: Print and Prepare a Design

I searched up a pumpkin design template. I used a really easy one but if your ready you can print your own.

1. I made sure the template can wrap around the pumpkin with no bumps. you may cut slits in the paper to let it wrap around

2. I cut the out the part of the template that needed to be cut into the pumpkin.

3. I then taped the design on the surface I wanted it to be.

4. I colored in the parts with a marker

5. I took off the design and recycled it

Step 4: Cutting!

I made sure to make slow cuts and cut the right parts. I also cut straight as possible not at an angle to let maximum light to shine through. I recommend a small knife To get the smallest of details.Take your time with this step, it's the best part of pumpkin carving.

Step 5: Make It Last

1. I filled my sink with ice cold water. This stiffens the pumpkins shell to make it last longer. This will prevent sagging and rotting.

2. I let it sit over night to let it soak up enough water. I made sure most of the face was in the water because that has to be the strongest part. I also put the lid of the pumpkin inside of the water too.

After this step you are done! Put the top back on and show off your carved pumpkin! Lighting a candle inside the pumpkin will make the pumpkin sag. I recommend an artificial light or you can put a candle in Halloween night. I hope you enjoy;)

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