Introduction: Tire Thread Garage Parking Lanes

hello everyone. this is my first instructable and i am willing to share it to you all.
every wanted parking lanes inside your garage as a guide but hate the idea of yellow or white lines in your garage. i did but did not want the bright yellow or white. so i thought that it be cool if i had parking lanes but made of tire thread.
Almost every guy loves to see tire threads on the street, gives the idea of racing life.
Tools you'll need:
- tire thread image (you can google it in the net) or use the one i provided
- card board stock paper (youll need it so when painting over it will last)
- laminator with laminate paper (i used it to laminate my image, this is optional)
- 2-4 bottles of black spray paint (i used semi-gloss)
- a carpenters tape mearsure
- carpenters speedline or straight line
- latex gloves
- face mask
- scissors
1st. map out your garage's dimensions you'll need it to define your lines and how space apart you want them
i used 8" inches of the sides and 77"inches space between tire tracks ( i used my largest vehicle specs so i wont mess up

2nd.with your tire thread template printed out, cut out the tire threads. 

3rd. use a straight line or speed line as a guide to go straight

4th. time for the messy part. put on some gloves, a face mask ( for exposers of spary paint) and grab your bottles

5th. if your not using laminated paper make your you print out a couple of template as you will need them

6th. start spay painting  in a straight line. 
post your pics how you did. hope everyone likes it.