Introduction: Tissue Cover

It is a rainy day and you are bored with nothing to do but annoy your little brother. This is a great project to make your tissue box look just that little bit cooler. The next time that you have a cold or just need to cry, you will be greeted by an amazing looking tissue box! Let's get into it!

What we will be making

At the end of this tutorial you will be left with a reusable cover that will upgrade your tissue box to the next level and make it look a whole lot better. Now you won't have to look at that boring box in your room anymore!

Step 1: What You Will Need:

You will need:

- A tissue box. Filled or empty doesn't matter. It is for measuring purposes.

- Some source of cardboard. An empty tissue box would be perfect but if you don't have one laying around, don't worry. I will be using an old cereal box.

- A cutting device and board. A hobby knife or a pair of scissors both do the job.

- Wrapping paper of some sort as the decoration.

- Tape (or glue), pencil and ruler.

Step 2: Let's Get Started

What you want to do first is draw the outlines of your cover. You can do this by measuring and using the dimensions of the box or just simply tracing it. As you can see in the first picture you only want to attach the long sides of the cover to the mainframe, the others wil come later. The two lines inside the frame are a reference for folding in the next step.

Step 3: Cutting and Folding

Now that you have cut out the first part, fold the two side 'flaps' outwards. To make this a little easier and neater you can line up your ruler with the line and cut it lightly with your knife or scissors. Don't cut through the cardboard! Make sure you try on the cover every now and then to see if it still fits. If it fits than you may proceed to the next part. If it doesn't fit you can still go to the next step but you will end up with a cover that doesn't fit. If that is what you really want, I am not holding you back :) Anyway... the next step is to cut out the opening where the tissues come through. This is not that hard as you can imagen.

Step 4: More Cutting and Folding

Now get you're tissue box again and trace the smaller sides. Or measure them. However you want to do it. When you have that drawn out, add some flaps to three of the sides. The flaps don't need a specific size, they just need to be big enough so that you can fold them. When you have folded the flaps with the same method as we used earlier, you can attach the small parts to both sides of the other cut-out that we made in the previous step. It should look something like the last picture.

Step 5: Wrapping and Decorating

Now it's just like wrapping a present. First wrap the top, cut the sides so they can fold over. Then close up the sides like you would with any gift. You should of course use your favourite paper to decorate your tissue box. Unless you don't deem this project worthy of your paper. In that case just find some other nice paper.

Step 6: The Result!

There you have it. Your very own tissue box cover! Now you have the most fancy tissue box in your area! Your friends will all be jealous and ask you to make them one. Maybe you could start a little business. Or not...

Anyway... it would be great if you could leave a vote. Feel free to comment or ask any questions. If you made a cover for your box, I would love to see it in the comment section!

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