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Introduction: Tissue Roll Planter

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This is an instructable of making a germination planter for seeding.

I'm sure that everyday we discard a lot of tissue roll... adding more garbage to the landfill.

What about if we turn it into a planter for seed germination and when the seedling grow tall enough, you can bury it directly in the ground. The root will grow bigger and break the tissue roll. The paper will retain moisture for the plants in its growth and it will biodegrade in the soil in due time... adding compost material to the plants.

Step 1: Items That You'll Need


  1. Tissue roll
  2. Seeds
  3. Compost soil (or germination soil)


  1. A pair of gloves
  2. Scissor
  3. Garden spade
  4. A chopstick
  5. Water sprayer

Completion Time : 15 minutes

Step 2: The Preparation

  1. Firstly, I make 4 cuts (about an inch long) at the bottom of the roll.
  2. Then, I fold the 4 edges to close the bottom.

Step 3: The Planting

  1. Next, I fill the roll with the moist soil until full.
  2. I poke a hole (about an inch deep) with a chopstick.
  3. Then, I drop a couple of seeds in the hole and cover it.
  4. Wait until the seeds germinate and water it accordingly.
  5. When the seedlings reach a least 6 inches tall, it's time to transplant in a pot or on the ground.


If the soil become dry, it's time to use the water sprayer.


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