Tissue Stamping to Decorate Your Writting Papers

Introduction: Tissue Stamping to Decorate Your Writting Papers

Here I show you'll  a  nice way of stamping  your writting papers and blank greeting cards with tissue paper.I have been doing this for a very long time on my writting papers because I am a snail mail writter.This is pretty  easy and decorates my writting papers with what ever images I want.Most of my pen pals decorate their writting paper with stickers and they are really touched to receive my letters with little colord stampings on the papers :)

Step 1: Requirements

1) Writting Paper
2) White Tissue
3) Colored Pencils
4) Scissors
5)Sharpner (option)
6)Working Mat

Step 2: Tracing

Trace out some small pictures  to the tissue Paper ,or you can draw your own pictures too.I have traced  loads of pictures as I usually do this printing on my writing papers. Cut them out seperately as it is easier to do the printing.Out line the images (as dark as possible) with dark colored pencils.I have used  the  pencil...see the four out lined  images on the last picture.

Step 3: Coloring

Now color the pictures  as dark as possible according to how you want.Always use only dark colours if you want the stampings to show well.
If you leave out a bit here and there in the middle it  is ok ,as that place would turn white.The main thing is that the out line has to be very very dark.

Step 4: Bird

This is a cute little bird ready give away her colors to my writting paper.Place the bird  facing right side on the right side of the  writting paper and keep drawing/scribbling  on top of the wrong side of the tissue   until the whole picture is covered.Watch out... the tissue  paper might tear....So do it slowly.... Also the tissue must not move,so hold it tight with your fingers.Once you have completely drawn  on top of the picture slowly remove the tissue away.....There you see the little birds image stamped on the writting paper... :)

Step 5:

Step 6: Stamp on Blank Cards

You could also stamp  on blank cards too....and write a few lines of greetings or stamp your greetings...

Step 7: Done!

This is a very easy technique to decorate.They're so easy to make and fun to do with kids..
Hope this project  will help you to decorate yours too.

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    Zai Rameez
    Zai Rameez

    9 years ago

    This is awesome....... :)
    It's a quick way of decorating our own things..... :))