Tissue Paper Flowers




Introduction: Tissue Paper Flowers

Materials needed:

  1. Tissue paper
  2. Rubberband
  3. Scissor

Step 1: Video Part 1

I have used brown tissue paper in the video, but for the flowers shown in the picture, I have used 5 white tissue papers and 2 yellow tissue papers.

There are two kind of appearances the petals can have:

  1. The one shown in the video - shaping the edges of the fan structure into v-shape (shown in video).
  2. Not shaping the edges, leaving the fan structure as such - with flat edges

For my white and yellow tissue flowers, I have used flat edges (method 2).

Step 2: Video Part 2 - Flower Completion

This video shows how to complete the flower.

Step 3: Final Placing

Please let me know if the video is not clear, I will try to create a new one. The video shows the use of brown tissue paper, thats what i used initially. Then I found white and yellow tissue paper and went with those. Thats why I could not record the video of that.

I created a bunch of 5 in about 15 minutes. Very easy and beautiful job.

Please vote for me, if you like these flowers :) Thanks! Hope you enjoy making these.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Funny. I was just making these as the video went up aren't they nice and easy. Iv'e been making mine in hot and light pink which look just like apple blossoms. Are you the lady with an English accent? Love them..