Introduction: Titan AS-V.1 Super Sniper Mod

WARNING: This modification will turn your utility gun (Titan AS-V.1) into a powerful nerf gun that can be dangerous if not carefully used.

Okay so this is my first instructable (that means please give beginner criticism). This first all started as a simple mod to turn my Titan into a sniper rifle but then I got to thinking of how annoying it is to pump the gun 15 times for one shot. Anyways one thing led to another and now I've made a semi-auto sniper nerf gun. 

What you need:
-Nerf Titan AS-V.1
-Barrel off the front half of the Longshot
-Power drill with a good size drill bit
-Strong adhesive
-Phillips screwdriver 
-Adjustable Regulator
-1/4 to 1/8 thread adapter 
-Steel braided Hose
-CO2 Tank (paintball)

NOTE: I have not yet done this to my gun but am planning on doing it ASAP please let me know if there are any problems that I should work out before doing it. I will let you know how it does as soon as it's done.

Step 1: Taking It All Apart

Many people just say take out the screws well there's one thing about the Titan that's different. There's an orange ring around the back of it. I haven't found a way to remove this ring without breaking it but seeing how I don't care much about looks, I just broke it. After getting the ring out of the way, remove all the screws. Gently take off the right-side plate.

Step 2: Removing Unnecessary Parts.

If you've ever noticed, the Titan won't let you shoot pointing too far up. This is a safety feature, because Nerf designed this gun to be pumped using your feet meaning it's pointing straight at you. All you have to do is take out the trigger itself, and unscrew the two highlighted orange parts in the picture and take out the ball bearings. If you want, you can even take out the front assembly but that's up to you.

Step 3: Sealing the Plunger

Once you've taken it apart take out the plunger (the thing you use to pump up the gun) then seal the top hole you see with a strong adhesive like super glue, hot glue, or my personal favorite, quick steel (look into it). 

NOTE: This is sealing up the safety release valve that keeps the gun from building up to much pressure. Be careful when pumping or you could cause long term damage to your gun, or worse, blow up the air chamber. I usually pump it to 20 max. 

Step 4: Inserting the Barrel

Now for the part that truly makes this gun a sniper. Take off the big fat barrel that came with the Titan and notice that there's a little orange barrel-like-thing. Take your power drill and drill out that grill thing on the front of it so you can see into the barrel like in the picture. Make sure it's wide enough. Next, take apart the front half of your Longshot. and remove the barrel from it. Put the barrel in the hole you just made and super glue it there (make sure it's straight you don't wanna shoot right of where you aim). Let it all dry.

NOTE: After this step, you get into a whole other mod, so if this is good enough for you, stop.

Step 5: Getting Your Gun Semi-Autofied Part 1

Beyond this step is for the true Nerf enthusiast. What you'll need to do is take out the orange attachment that allowed you to shoot a second gun that came with the Titan without pumping it up. Then take one end of your steel braided hose and screw it into the hose the orange piece use to be screwed into. I have a second way to hook this all up but it involves taking out the plunger assembly.

Step 6: Getting Your Gun Semi-Autofied Part 2

After you've got your steel hose hooked up to your gun hook up your adapter to the steel hose and the regulator. Then, take your CO2 tank and hook it up to the regulator. WARNING: Make sure your regulator is set to something ANYTHING below 50 psi or you could ruin your gun. Now test it out it should work just fine but comment and let me know it it doesn't, I'll see what I can do. Oh and put it all back together.