Titanfall: LEGO Titan

Introduction: Titanfall: LEGO Titan

Titanfall is an immersive first person shooter set in a future where humanity has colonized far off worlds called "The Frontier". In this age of exploration and colonization of worlds, a conflict has risen between the Corporate Military forces of the IMC, and the settlers fighting for their freedom, organized in the group called the Militia.

Titans are large exoskeletons or mechs, that allow a pilot to control them via a neural link. They are the most powerful asset on the battlefield and can only be controlled by the most elite of soldiers, these elite members are called pilots.

In this MOC, I built a posable titan at close to LEGO minifigure scale. The total build time should be around 45 minutes and the design process took me close to 10 hours. The appendages of the titan move using interlocking LEGO technic pieces and allow for the MOC to perform most functions of the actual titan (besides the inherent military capabilities of a highly sophisticated AI assisted killing machine) . The legs have full mobility with joints at the hip, knee, and ankle. The arms do not have horizontal mobility; however, they have limited lateral movement. The cockpit does open and close with the use of a technic pin system as well.

If you'd like to, you can perform protocol 3 with your titan.


Rest easy BT, you will not be forgotten.


I used largely common pieces for the for the construction of the MOC, they should be easily found in your own supply. At the beginning of each section I will provide a picture of the pieces used for construction.

IMPORTANT: Pieces shown as used before step only include half of the necessary pieces as many steps are mirrored to complete the opposite arm or leg.

If interested, the figure I included in my set is a combination of 3 figures:

The helmet comes from the LEGO Minifigures Series 7: Galactic Marine.

The torso and legs come from the LEGO Minifigures Series15 Kendo Fighter.

The head comes from ACU Trooper from Set 75916: Dilophosaurus Ambush.

Step 1: Building the Legs

1. Just as LEGO uses visual instructions, follow the visual cues from the photographs to assemble the leg.

2. When completed with the leg, mirror the steps to complete the opposite leg.

(The only differences in pieces will be the angled plates, which will merely be the opposite of the ones previously used)

Step 2: Build the Arms

The construction of the arms is simpler than that of the legs, due to there being less technic joints.

As you did before follow the visual directions in the pictures and mirror the directions to complete the opposite arm.

The last 2x3 piece goes on the end of the fist.

The finger elements will be added in the last step.

Step 3: Build the Lower Frame

As with before follow the visual instructions to complete the frame.

The lower frame of the the titan holds the technic pins, which the legs will attach to, as well as the twist function of the torso.

Step 4: Build the Upper Frame (Rear Section)

This section of the frame built in this step will house the pilot. In the Titanfall universe there are no windows inside of the titan, instead the pilot builds a neural link with the titan and utilizes a heads up display (HUD) to control the titan.

Follow the visuals again.

Step 5: Upper Frame: Front

Follow the visual instructions.

Once completed with the front piece attach the arm pieces to the rear frame so that the upper frame can be attached and further built on top of the rear frame.

The next step of the MOC will be to add details to the hand and create the rail gun for the titan to use.

Step 6: Build the Rail Gun and Add Details to the Hands

This is the final building step of the MOC.

Follow the visual cues to complete the hands and weapon for the titan.


Now that you have completed the MOC, assemble the pieces.

The legs will connect with technic pins and will connect at the central hole.

Step 8: "Take It to the IMC"

Now that you have your titan, load up and take back the Frontier!

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