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Introduction: Titanic Hat

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Sunday 15th April marks the 100th anniversary of one of the most renowned and romanticised tragedies of all time; the sinking of the Titantic.

At Makedo, we're getting into character with this Titanic Hat in preparation for the many Titanic centennial dramas and documentaries about to hit TV screens... not to mention the re-release of that film!

To board our commemoration ship, pack some flat cardboard sheets, a couple of paper tubes, a small box, bottle caps, bubble wrap and Makedo parts and you’re ready to set sail – or sink.

Step 1: Find

Source cardboard from around your home. We’ve used cardboard from a open packaging box to create the base for the Titanic.

Step 2: Cut

Step 3: Fold

To create the ship base, curve the flat sheet of cardboard over the top and bottom sheets of your ship. This should create a point on the top.

Step 4: Punch

Use the point end of the Makedo Safe-saw to punch a hole aligned with the connector tab of the top and bottom sheets.

Step 5: Connect

Connect the two sheets using a Makedo Re-pin and Re-clip. You have now completed your ship base. To create the look of it sinking cut the base on a slight angle so that it leans to the side.

Step 6: Connect

To complete the look of your ship, connect the paper tubes to the box using Makedo Hinges, Re-pins and Re-clips. This will be the Smokestack for the Titanic.

Step 7: Connect

Position the smokestack to the top of the ship and connect it to its base using Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips.

Step 8: Pleat

To create the waves for the water, pleat the bubble wrap around the ring of the cardboard base. Hold the pleats in place with Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips.

Step 9: Connect

Position your ship on top of the water base and connect it into place using Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips. Your Titanic ship is now complete! Add details and decorate to complete the Titanic look. We’ve painted ours and used bottle caps as the windows on deck.

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    6 months ago

    We’ll be making this for a work colleague for secret Santa. He always moans that he has too much to do and is sinking….😆


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Holy cow, it is sick how much I love this hat! I keep laughing, then feel slightly guilty about it! However......I'm so making one! Great 'able!!