Introduction: Titanium Electric Tadpole Recumbent Full Suspension Trike With DIY Motor Controller

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Interview with a guy who made this trike 25 years ago. He got a load of titanium super cheap at a scrapyard and taught himself to weld it.

These are three videos I shot when I went over to visit him.

Topic covered include:
-Ackerman Steering
-Simple 555 and MOSFET based DC motor controller.
-1 or 2 seat pedal electric quad (he uses it as a truck)
-Lots more.

This is raw footage and I probably won't edit it so...

Please help: post the time of subjects that you find interesting down in the comments. I'll compile these into a proper index.

Step 1: Interview Part 1 of 3

Step 2: Interview Part 2 of 3

Step 3: Interview Part 3 of 3

This one's long.
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