Introduction: Title Decorating Your Burlap Patriotic Wreath

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Two and a half inches wide ribbon and one and a half ribbon, try different ribbons you think will compliment your wreath. Choose picks that you think you will want to use. I choose ribbons and picks and lay them on the wreath to see how I like them. This does not mean I am going to use all of them.

Step 1: Step Two: Pulling Your Ribbon Through.

Find you a

starting point on your wreath that you can take your index finger and gently work through the center ring of the wired wreath form. Pinch your two and a half ribbon and using your fingers push from the back and then pull from the top. Don not take your ribbon off the spool, you can always pull more ribbon form the back of your wreath if you have not pulled enough off the spool the first time. This helps you not waste your ribbon. You will see your loop at the top and decide how tall and long you want it to be. Continue doing this until you are happy with the way your wreath looks. Now to secure the ends of your ribbon from the starting point to the ending point, cut four inches off each end. Pull through the bottom of the wire wreath form and then to the top under the wire wreath form. See picture to see how it will look.

Step 2: Step Three: Adding More Ribbon

I decided to

use two complimentary ribbons, cut three of each of your ribbons twelve inches long, dove tale the ends. Place one of each in an X and pinch together, now use a chenille stem and go through the bottom wire and work it till you are at the location on the top that you want to be. Now place your pinched ribbon in the chenille stem and twist the stem three times. This step is how I like to use the chenille stem to decorate my wreaths. Use a pencil and wrap the stem around the stem, when you release the stem it does have a decorative end.

Step 3: Step Four: Putting You Pick On

Stem are

often harder to place and secure on wreaths, do not let that bother you I am going to show you a way that is fun, creative, and best of all easy. Place your red, white and blue stem on the wreath; see how you want to position it. Take three chenille stems, red, white and blue, hold the up so they are even. Now bread the stem just like you would your hair, make sure to twist the ends so they are secure. Now again go through the bottom and pull and position the stem through openings in the stems. Look at the picture and you will see what I mean. If the stem is standing out to much turn your steam over. Use the same pencil method to make your chenille stem part of your decoration. Now it is up to you if you want to cut your stems shorter or not, If you do use wire cutters. I have shown you a picture of both ways.

Step 4: Step Five: Putting Your Hanger on the Wreath

It does not

matter if you are making this for yourself, a friend or if you are like me a seller you always want to put a hanger on your wreath. Take a chenille stem and slide it from the top wire of you wreath, make sure this is the center you want. You will want to have one stem under and the other over, twist and then work from each edge to wrap around the wire wreath form. Now you are ready to hang your wreath.