Introduction: TiwlaTiny Socializing Machine

Socializing machine project TiwlaTiny

This is IOT family member of machine organize spiritual feeling with your friends.TiwlaTiny is a machine works with It gives a response from site using RGB led ring when users receive notification.User also can send spiritual feeling Color to friends. It also one touch button to give a response back and on and off RGB ring.This device is connect securily to internet directy using WIFI. It wait realtime notification response from site


1×NodeMCU V3 Lua esp8266 development board

1×RGB LED ring using WS2812Rgb Led

1×TTP223 Capacitor type Single Channel Switch Sensor

Body frame Make part using Epoxy Resins and beach sand

Front Plexiglass transparent logo print on using UV printer.

Back Plexiglass black one.

Step 1: TiwlaTiny Body 3d Print and Mold Prepation With RTV2 for Epoxy Resin for desing 3d model.

Print 3d model using 3d Plus Ronin V4 3 with PLA

Step 2: TiwlaTiny Body Prepare Parts Surface Using Polyester Putty and Emery. Acrylic Spray Paint for Finishing.

Step 3: TiwlaTiny Make Mold Using RTV2 Silicone.

Step 4: TiwlaTiny Make Part Using Epoxy Resins and Beach Sand

Step 5: TiwlaTiny Electronic Parts

Step 6: TiwlaTiny Touch Switch Sensor for Power on Off and Response Back to Host.

QRcode sticker back on TiwlaTiny for setup WIFI setting.

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