Introduction: To Make It Move, Just Wait.

To be part of the Make it move Instructables contest, I've decided to employ mother nature.

I was so taken by the beauty of this maple tree yesterday, I took its picture and sent it to all my kids.

The sun was shining, the weather was cool and calm.

It was the perfect fall day.


A gorgeous Autumn Blaze Maple

A camera

Mother nature

Step 1: 24 Hrs Later.

That's it.

Mother nature knows how to Make it move.

A warm rain and lots of wind.

The beauty of fall is so fleeting.

Unfortunately my project was disqualified from the things that move contest. I was told that it hadn't fit the criteria. I know it wasn't a winner but, I do think it fit the contest perfectly. It was simply "things that move" that's it. It was meant to brighten up your day. Please send it to someone. I was hoping for more views as it was a gorgeous tree. If it had made it into the contest more people would have been blessed by it's beauty.