Introduction: To Put a Cloud in a Bottle

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I'll show you something cool.

For the challenge "Brave the Elements".
I use water, air and fires. The liquid turns it into gas and burn it

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how to put a cloud in a bottle ?

You will need :

  • a compressor or pump
  • a plastic bottle preferably soda
  • cork stopper pierced by a tube
  • do not forget the helmet

Be careful some plastic bottle are more resistant than others. Use the large brand of cola you know all.

We can use water, but with much more volatile liquid the experiment will be even more impressive.

So we will use alcohol.

By a change of state by compressing and expanding the air.

How are the clouds formed? : When a volume of air rises in the atmosphere, its pressure and temperature drop.

Experience shows that a drop in pressure and temperature makes possible the formation of clouds.

Here, the compression heats and the trigger cool down quickly. This is the principle of the refrigerator. Compression - heat, Relaxation - cooling

When the air is compressed in the bottle, it warms up a little and some of the liquid water left in the bottle turns into an invisible gas: water vapor. When it releases the pressure in the bottle it is decompression, it cools. The liquid water which had been transformed into vapor became liquid again, forming droplets suspended in the air. These are the droplets that make up the cloud.

The passage of water from the gaseous state, in the liquid state, the water droplets are called condensation. Here condensation is caused by the cooling of water vapor, which itself is caused by a decrease in pressure.

Condensation occur around a condensation core

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Step 1: Put the Liquid Into the Bottle

I add a few drops of alcohol in the bottle and I permeates the walls by turning.

A few blows are enough; Be careful not to overpressure.

I create a pressure of about 2 bar in the bottle and I remove the stopper quickly.

Instantly alcohol is converted into gas.

Step 2: Gaseous to Liquid Instantly

If we add a match.

The gas burns instantly.

And melted the bottle.

In the dark it's just beautiful

We can go from a liquid to a gas.

And gaseous to liquid instantly.

A cloud of mist appears inside the bottle. If the air is recompressed, the cloud disappears.

By removing and putting pressure in the bottle.

You can replicate this experiment.

By a change of state by compressing and expanding the air.

Step 3: More Simply

More simply with bottle of water twist like this.

Increase pressure remove the cap of a sudden.

Pretty cool ! Isn't it ?

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and this experiment.

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