Introduction: To Use WIZ550io in Arduino Platform : Arduino UNO

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I know Arduino platform for IoT. So I implemented a firmware of Arduino by Ethernet SW modification because I can handle a source code easily. You can know the status of equipment even if it is so far. Please refer to the following step.

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Step 1: Prepare Materials

Please refer to the following.

1. Arduino UNO

2. WIZ550io or ioShield-A

3. LAN cable

4. USB cable

Step 2: Hardware Connection

Please connect an LAN cable and USB cable

You can get more HW info by the following site.

First of all, prepare Arduino UNO and WIZ550io module.

Connect Arduino UNO and WIZ550io module like below.

Arduino UNO pin<->WIZ55io pin








I recommand to use ioShield-A.

Step 3: Prepare Development Environment

Step 4: Software

I uploaded Arduino project. You can download this project file. And then import project into Arduino IDE.

After compile, you can execute a sample of WebServer.

Step 5: How to Run : Modification

Execute Arduino IDE.

Select Arduino IDE Menubar->Sketch->Include Library->Mange Libraries...

Search Ethernet2 library by string.

Install Ethernet2 library.

Find w5500.h, w5500.cpp

Windows OS

C:\Users\your username\Documents\Adruino\libraries\Ethernet2\utility\


/home/your username/Arduino/libraries/Ethernet2/src/utility/

Insert the following code in w5500.h


Insert the following code in w5500.cpp


#if !defined(WIZ550ioWITH_MACADDRESS)




For example, you can modify Ethernet.begin function of WebServer code without mac parameter.

Compile and upload by Arduino IDE.

Step 6: How to Run : Result