Introduction: To Take Care of a Parakeet

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Hi everybody and today I will tell you how to take care of a parakeet.  It is quite simple to take take care of a parakeet.  Oh and I hope this instructable helps if you are trying to buy a parakeet.

Step 1:

Okay for the first thing you need to know.  Before you get a parakeet have a cage for him or her.  Make sure it is a nice cage with room for a food dish and water dish.  Also getting a parakeet is not easy.  It is a living thing and lives for fifteen to twenty years.  Here are some points not to do.

1 Do not let them out of their cage until you knoww that their is nothing that can hurt them in the room
2 If they are biting you it means they think you are harmful .  To stop this go to the training step.

tip: get a lengthy cage not a tall one.

I got a tall one and I just wonder why I don't replace it.  They should have a good amount of room to fly.

Step 2: Food

Parakeets will eat many seeds and fruits.  Here are some foods to give them.
1 spray millet (occasionaly only)
2 millet or parakeet food packets
3 apples (get them to eat apples and they will always want more)
4 pears

Here are some to avoid
other acedic foods

Also if you have plants around the house give them some
Watch out though sometimes the plants will cause them symptoms such as extra saliva
toxic plants like gardenia can also be tolerated by them (just try to give them untoxic plants)

Step 3: Outside?

The birds should be alowed to go out sometimes. If they will come outside (meaning to roam in your house) you should be able to grab them.  DO NOT GRAB THEM unnessecarily because they will not like it and your trust  with the bird might be broken.  Grab them only when in danger.
Some occurences are the parakeets flew out of the room and started crashing.  This happens alot and to have a way to bring them back is extremely useful.

Step 4: Training

It is easy to train your bird but it takes patience. Anyway what you need is a stick.  Use the stick to stroke their stomachs and if they jump onto the stick it is good.  Try feeding them millet in your hand.  This way they will see you as a food bringer.  Try stroking their stomachs with your finger if they jump on, good job.  Also try luring them with apple or other things that they like. I f the bird is biting get him to be your friendor give him some food.  Millet would do fine.

My bird was eating but didn't wait to pose for a picture.

Step 5:

For more info contact me in the comments or message me.

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