Introduction: Toadstool Castle Toybox Chair Playset

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Here is a project that I have just finished today, January 4th 2009. Today happens to be the birthday of my 4 year old and this is for her. She is all about fairies and princesses and fairy tales. So I designed this Toadstool Castle Toybox chair for her. It could be easily adapted to fit a boy by changing the design of the top to a more kingly looking castle and by painting is in gray, black and silver, I imagine the seat part being covered with red velvet. Sounds cool anyway. I hope that you enjoy it.

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need... 4- 12"x12" 1/2" plywood squares (sides, bottom of box and top seat)
5- 1x2 boards 10" long (seat supports)
1- 1/2" plywood panel 15"x30" (back of seat)
1- 1/2" plywood panel 13"x12" (front of seat)
wood glue
finish nails
3/4 yard of fabric
cushion foam
staple gun
two 1" craft hinges
screw in hook and eye closer
Craftsman scroll saw
Craftsman Dremel tool

Step 2: Step 2: Assemble the Toy Box

Using 2 of the 12"x12" square boards draw a line 1/2" from the bottom of both pieces using a square. Now draw a line 1" from the top of both pieces using a square. Take four of the five 10" long 1x2's and place them on the lines and center side to side on the board, glue and nail together with finish nails. Now take the bottom 12x12 board and the remaining 12x12 board and clamp them to the two sides. glue and nail 1 of them, the other is just holding everything square until you get the front draw bridge piece done. It will be removed and replaced with the correct piece. To finish the draw bridge board measure the center of your board and use a paint can or any other round object to trace around to get the top round porion of the draw bridge. Now use your square to draw lines down from the sides of your circle. This is your cutting pattern for the draw bridge. Set up your Craftsman scroll saw and cut along the lines you made. You will completely cut the draw bridge out of the front. Set it aside for later. Now remove the clamps from your box and remove the spacer 12x12 (set aside, this will be the seat of the chair), replace it with the draw bridge front, glue, clamp, and nail with finish nails. Now you have attached 4 of the 6 sides of your cube.

Step 3: Step 3: Making the Back of the Chair

First hand draw some toadstools at the top of your 15x30" board. Make sure that the bottom rectangle end is only 13" wide to meet up with the cube base. Use a jigsaw to cut up each side and around the toadstool shapes. Glue and clamp the back to the cube, nail with finish nails. Sand edges with sandpaper or use a Craftsman Dremel tool. Wipe dust off with a soft cloth and Spray on a coat of Kilz sealer primer. (you can use any primer spray or hand coat, this just happens to be what I had on hand) Screw the craft hinges to the bottom of the draw bridge and attach it to the bottom of the chair. Screw in your hook just above the draw dridge opening and screw the eye into the top of the draw bridge, this will keep it closed. Place a 12"x12" square of cushion foam on top of your seat and cover with fabric, turn upside down and staple fabric to the underside of the wood, staple a piece of ribbon to one end so that you can pull the seat up to get to the toys inside. Now just paint your toadstools and a stray rock here and there, then paint your drawbridge and your done. I gave Abbi hers today and she just loved it.

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