Toby Casting Plaster

Introduction: Toby Casting Plaster

supplies needed

  • scissors
  • clear tape
  • pencil
  • compose
  • set square
  • high impact polestiren

Step 1: Step 1 Squares

draw 5, 75mm X 75mm squares on high impact polystyrene sheet and cut them out

Step 2: Step 2 Equilateral Triangles

draw a 75mm line on the edge of the sheet of high impact polystyrene

follow the video using the compare to make an equilateral triangle

each of the sides of the triangle should be equal to 75mm

repeat these steps so that you have 8 equilateral triangles on your high impact polystyrene

cut the triangles out

Step 3: Step 3 Making the Mold

using the images shown above set the squares and triangles in the way shown above

using clear tape attach all the squares and triangles that are touching together

this shape is a Cuboctahedron

Step 4: Step 4 Making the Core

make 2 square that is 5x5cm

make 2 rectangles that are 10x5cm

turn this into a rectangle prism

Step 5: Casting Plaster

get a bucket spatula and a small cup

using the small cup and put 2 cups full of water in the bucket

then put 3 cups of powder in the bucket

stir till all lumps are out then pore into the core

place the molded half way into the plaster

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