Introduction: Tocco Hub

Usb hub to connect mutiple devices to my phone, tablet and pc.

So what do we need?

1. Usb hub from ebay

2. Micro usb cable

3. Insulation tape

4. Old samsung tocco

5. Solder and time.

6 Spare paracord.

7.Hot glue

Step 1:

Right here goes my first project ever on here so bare with me. I bought the usb hub above from ebay for just over £2 and had the samsung knocking about in one of the draws.

Step 2:

I stripped the casing from the hub and measured up where on the phone i wanted it to go. Once i knew where i wanted it and knew it would fit i took to stripping down the samsung. An easy process took about 5 mins. Now the hard part was cutting all of the middle casing so i was left with just the surrounding outside part that i could attach the back to.

Step 3:

So after cutting the middle to shreds i cut the sides of the phone using a pair of tin snips.I had to remove all of the guts but kept the back camera and flash lenses and glued them direct to the back of my hub. Using some insulating tape i cavered the naked usb hub so that it wouldnt arc out on the inside of the phone(mainly on the lcd). Finally i cut the end off a micro usb cable and attached it to the hub where the normal usb cable is attached.I had some left over paracord which i gutted and covered my cables with and there you go.

Step 4:

There it is with my multiple usb's attached in es file explorer on my tablet. Works great on my phone so i can use a keyboard, mouse and usb drives at the same time.

There it is my first ever instructable. Thanks for reading

Oh sorry for the lack of photos it wasnt originally an instructable project just fun.

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