Introduction: Toddler Bug Out Bag

I have looked all over 'ible and while there are tons of BOB 'ibles out there, I have yet to find one specifically tailored to children. My 2 year old doesn't need duct tape, a knife, paracord, or other various, yet useful as an adult, items in her BOB. What she DOES need are things like diapers (we're still working on potty training), wipes, extra clothes, toys and food she will eat (which doesn't really include dehydrated or jerky type items).

Ironically, her bag is done, while mine is still in its infancy. But again, as an adult I need (or could use) more, different, and more expensive items that I didn't have laying around the house.

So anyway, let's get down to business. My toddler's BOB.

Step 1: The Bag

I know with other BOB 'ibles, people tend to stress one bag or another. Since this BOB is for a toddler, I used what I had on hand. It's an actual diaper bag that my mom got for my DH when our daughter was born. The company is called DadGear, they carry diaper bags that are "manly enough" for dads to carry and not look all girly because they're carrying a pink diaper bag with elephants and monkeys on it.
Regardless, I like this bag. It is the largest bag they carry (Backpack Diaper Bag Graphic Maori Night) is the specific name of this bag on the DadGear site. It is a bit pricey though. Even on Amazon it's still about $100. (I didn't know that until I just looked it up). But it's definitely worth it.
There are tons of pockets. Zippered, mesh w elastic at the top, side pockets, a wipes dispenser and a changing pad. The interior is a light grey with black mesh pockets everywhere so it is easy to see everything. The largest pocket also unzips completely so you can find lost items at the bottom of the bag. The straps are very comfortably padded. (I know this from experience last year as I had the bag filled to the brim with stuff, strapped to my back, and DD in a carrier strapped to my front, along with a large overnight bag and a laptop bag, trying to make a flight from one end of Atlanta airport to another. Needless to say with around 60 extra pounds on me, the backpack was very comfortable.)

After just counting, this bag has 12 pockets, not including the wipes pouch.

Step 2: The Items

Ok, now that we have the bag out of the way, let's get down to its contents.

First and foremost, diapers. I put a wrapped stack of 30 or so in the diaper compartment. You can amend this with your own amount/type or eliminate it completely if your toddler is potty trained.

Next, wipes. I took the wipes container that came with the bag out and replaced it with a new, unopened full size pack. The backpack has a nice wide velcroed elastic strap that keeps the wipes in place. They can be accessed thru the heavily velcroed panel on the bottom front of the bag.
Wipes can be used for just about anything (including removing any yellowing from car headlights, cleaning hands and light wounds, you name it, if it can't be done with a baby wipe, it can probably be done with duct tape.)

A bottle, sippy cup, and a fork-spoon (no it's not a spork, it's a heavy duty plastic fork on one end and spoon on the other. (Bottle is avent Classic, sippy cup is munchkin and fork-spoon is Light My Fire. My mom got them on zulilly, but I have also seen something similar (although adult-sized) in the camping section at walmart. bottle and cup were purchased at toys/babies r us.

2 full sets of clothes. 1 is lighter summer wear and the other is heavier, long sleeve and jeans. 3 pairs of socks and a pair of sneakers. A light-ish hoodie. A pair of pjs. 2 washcloths and a hooded towel. A sunhat and sunglasses and her "buddytag" are in the top pocket.

There is a small first aid kit that contains some antibiotic wipes, alcohol preps, triplebiotic ointment, "fun" (aka Disney's Frozen) bandaids and a few stickers. I have a larger more complete (including sutures and bandage scissors, etc.) in my BOB.

Food and drinks: there are a few tetrapaks of milk and some juice boxes, along with some nutrigrain bars, oatmeal packets, some chef boyardee single-serve meals and some Kraft easy mac. I have a sawyer squeeze pocket filter for water in my bag.

For cover, a currently oversized (even though it's size small) Olaf raincoat that she will eventually grow into, and then out of. In my bag I have a SOL emergency escape bivvy and other items for cover, so I didn't need to add much to hers.

I also added a sealable diaper pail bag. We have the arm and hammer munchkin diaper pail and it uses these special bags that clip closed when they're full. I will probably add a few more to my own bag as they can carry a pretty heavy amount and I'm thinking they could be good for regular trash or a few gallons of water if necessary.

A small toiletries bag has a toothbrush and toddler toothpaste, comb, brush, lip balm (that can double as fire starter if needed), and some small Emory boards.

A pack of "boogie wipes", butt cream and some doggie pick up bags (same thing as the diaper trash bags but a 12-roll pack of doggie bags is cheaper than the exact same thing (from the exact same company) "designed for babies.

The changing pad, some all natural solid lotion bars that I made (another 'ible on that coming soon), and an old burp cloth (actually used to be DH's) round out the kit.

Step 3: Ending

I know the diapers and food are missing from pics, DD went up a size in diapers and we are rotating her food out and putting fresh in.
I am sure there are plenty of things I am missing for her, but hope that my or DH's BOB will cover any gaps.

I tried to photo all of the brand names or .coms on the various items. If you have a toddler I HIGHLY recommend the buddy tag. It pairs with a phone app and will let you know where your child is, send an alarm to phone if the tag is too far away, or in water for more than 30 seconds. The app can be paired with multiple tags and can also be used on pets or "stealable" items (like bikes).

If you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave them below. Thanks for checking out my first (of hopefully many) 'ible, and please vote for me in the contests at the top of the page.

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