Introduction: Toddler Proof Bike Hanger

A simple way to hang your bike in the cellar away from young hands and cat's tails.

I spent less than $3 and an hour's time getting this done with the "help" of a two year old.

Step 1: Gather Materials

A quick trip to the hardware store:

- 1/4" x 3-3/4" Lag Thread Screw Eye - Qty:2
(Other sizes will do fine, just make sure the
carabiner fits the eye and there is
sufficent thread to hold the bike up)

- 3" Carabiner 150 lbs rated
(Again other sizes are fine, just get one
with enough strength to hold the bike and
perhaps a swinging 2 year old...)

- Webbing
(I had some old webbing on hand, but nearly
any decent webbing will do)

Step 2: Make Hang Loops

Form the webbing into loops long enough to hold the tire and clip into the carabiner. You can simply knot them (seal the cut ends with a lighter), buy pre-made slings at a climbing shop, or sew them.

Step 3: Attach Eye Bolts

Measure the wheelbase of you bike and screw the eyebolts into joists at this spacing. Make sure there is plenty of threads engaged in the joist to hold your kids new swing up.

Step 4: Hang It

OK, all of the following should be obvious:

- Flip your bike and loop the webbing / carabiner around the rims. Be carefull that after wrapping the webbing your tire doesn't spin and foul your derailer and brakes or chip that new frames paint.

- Lift the bike by the webbing and clip the carabiners into the eye bolts. Don't underestimate the weight and awkwardness of your bike when you lift - It gets easier.