Introduction: Toddler Toilet Paper Holder

When our granddaughter was potty training, the potty seat wouldn’t fit near the toilet so she couldn't reach the toilet paper. I devised this holder so she wouldn’t have to walk across the bathroom after using her potty seat.

Step 1: What You Need

You will need a hanger with a cardboard tube that is removable, the type used for hanging slacks.

A tube with a diameter slightly smaller than the inside of a roll of toilet paper. Cardboard or PVC will work, as would any other tube you have access to. The important thing is that it needs to be rigid enough to hold the toilet paper without collapsing.

A hair elastic or rubber band

A roll of toilet paper

Step 2: Preparing the Hanger and the Tube

If necessary cut the tube so it is the length of the roll of the toilet paper.

Remove the cardboard tube from the hanger and bend the arms of the hanger toward the center.

Step 3: Assembly

Place the tube inside the roll of toilet paper

Hook the elastic over one of the hooks on the hanger and then feed the elastic through the tube that is holding the toilet paper and hook it onto the other arm of the hanger. This is a little tricky, a crochet hook can help get the elastic through the tube but is not necessary. To change the roll of toilet paper just unhook one end of the elastic, slide off the empty tube and slide on a new roll.

Step 4: Hang It Up

Your Toddler Toilet Paper Hanger is ready to use. Hang it on a nearby door knob or install a Command Hook near the potty seat. My granddaughter thought it was great having her own personal potty and toilet paper.