Introduction: Tofu Press for 1 or 2 Blocks, Using Plastic Cutting Boards

Press one or two blocks of tofu, easy to clean and store.
Dishwasher safe.

Cost including taxes = $28.24, compared to single tofu presses costing $19.99 to $48.95 (where the springs can wear out)

Note: I used stainless steel hardware to make it food safe, as other hardware could rust. Stainless steel costs a little more but I think it is worth it.

Step 1: Items Needed and Tools

Items needed:
2 – 6 x 10 Polyethylene cutting boards

4 – 4 inch stainless steel ¼ inch bolts

4 – ¼ inch stainless steel wing nuts

4 – ¼ inch stainless steel flat washers


Drill with ¼ inch drill bit


Solid surface to clamp too (work bench, work mate)


Felt pen or pencil

Block of tofu in packaging (optional)

Small amount of 400 grit sand paper

Small utility knife

Round file (optional)

Step 2: Plan It Out

Keep the plastic wrapping on the cutting boards.

Lay tofu container on board and mark out where it will lay. I can fit two blocks on my board.

With the ruler and pen make marks on the end of the board that does not have the handle at ½ inch in on either side. On the handle end, mark at 1 ¾ inches from end and ½ inch from side.

Step 3: Drill the Holes

Line the board up so that the edges are equal, clamp the board to a solid surface making sure the set of holes you want to drill are off the edge of your table.

With a ¼ inch drill bit, drill through both boards. Check with a screw that the hole is big enough, should slide through easily but not too sloppy.

Unclamp and repeat on other side.

Step 4: Clean Up

Unwrap your boards. Use a utility knife to clean up around holes where the drill came out, there may be a little lip of plastic.

I used a round file to run through the holes to make sure they are smooth with no bits of plastic.

Use the 400 grit sandpaper on the head of the bolts if they have sharp edges, you don’t want to scratch your counter when loading your press.

Wash all components in warm soapy water.

Step 5: Assemble and Test

Lay boards so that the handles line up, run bolts through both boards and place flat washer then a wing nut on each bolt.

I only have one block of tofu at this time, and it is already firm, so I could slip the block in between the boards then tighten each bolt evenly until the block held and some liquid out comes our. If you have softer tofu, put bolts through one board, lay flat on counter, lay tofu on board then place second board on top. Add flat washers and wing nuts, tighten evenly.

Step 6: Possible Additions

I may put two more bolts in the center at the sides to even out the pressure. (Cost of $7.41 for the stainless steel bolts, wing nuts and washers) I’ll see how it works with 4 bolts first.

I think the 4 inch bolts could accommodate one more board so that you could press 3 to 4 blocks at once, double decker! (if you need that much pressed tofu at one tome) Or you could try 3 inch bolts for less turning of the wing nuts.

Hope you like my first Instructable, suggestions and improvements gratefully accepted.

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