Together We Are One Smile - Farewell of College



Introduction: Together We Are One Smile - Farewell of College

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This collage is made for the Farewell Ceremony in VJTI .

Purpose behind this collage was to bring everyone together in one pic.

First I have collected pics of everyone and cropped in square size.

Then I have drawn the Smiley face to make a collage . Other photos are pasted randomly in a Heart shape. It took 4 hours to make that smiley face.

This is based on theme - "Together we are one smile"

On the day last exam, the collage was hanged in the department and then my classmates have written their message on it.

Now , I have made it as a frame, hanging in my room !!

Step 1: Preparing It

For Making it, you need lots of photos , a white sheet of cardboard and glue.

1) Collect the best photos of your classmates, arrange them in rows in any format of document and print them.

2) You should at least have 3 prints of each member in your class.

3) Collect some of your group photos over the years which you have taken.

4) Cut all the photos in Square or Circle , cutting in square is easy :p.

5) Make a drawing of SMILEY on cardboard.

6) Stick the photos in the SMILEY as a collage.

7) Don't leave more space in the photos which will ruin the design of Smiley.

8) Stick the group photos in shape of ears of SMILEY.

Step 2: Packing It

Step 3: Giving a Surprise

Step 4: Making Frame of It

Step 5: See the Video :)

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    4 years ago

    Nice idea for a sentimental collage! Thanks for sharing this idea :)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks mate !!

    Please share and vote :)