Introduction: Toilet Full of Snakes Costume.

It is tradition that every October 31st, children (some with adult supervision) go out into the town in costume (To protect their Identity) and threaten people to give them candy. This year I have designed a costume to strike fear in the hearts of those who would refuse to fall victim to blackmail.


3 gallon ice cream bucket

2 medium cardboard boxes

1 candy bowl

Plaster cloth

1 green pool noodle

1 medium sized piece of red foam

Green spray paint

Primer/white paint

Black paint(optional)

Googly eyes

Aluminium Foil

String (strong enough to hold up costume)

Hot glue

Scissors / hobby knife

Step 1: Step: 1 Making the Toilet Bowl.

To start we need a toilet bowl for our snakes, this can be done fairly easily with some plaster cloth, aluminum foil, and a halloween candy bowl. Glue the plastered candy bowl on to the ice cream bucket.

Step 2: Step Two: Make Toilet Tank

This is by far the easiest step. Find a cardboard box secure the tabs/flaps with pieces of folded cardboard. Attach string so it is wearable. Attach the toilet bowl.

Step 3: Step 3: Make Snakes

Take a pool noodle and cut it into three shorter pieces, divide these into thirds lengthwise, spray paint green, hot glue on eyes and tongue, call it a day.

Step 4: Step 4: Making Accessories / Painting

In this step you need to make the little things that turn a bowl attached to a bucket attached to a cardboard box into a toilet, mainly a handle and a lid. I would cut the lid out of cardboard and the handle out of whatever is handy be that cardboard or in my case foam. After you have these accessories hot glue them on and paint the toilet white. ( You may want to paint the bottom flaps of the tank black but that is a totally optional step)

Step 5: Step 5: Attaching Snakes

Now to turn this ordinary looking toilet into nightmare fuel by attaching our snakes with hot glue. Pretty straight forward glue the bottom of the snake, press into toilet, wait till it sticks, repeat. There you have it a costume that will scare the neighbors into relinquishing their candy.

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