Introduction: Toilet Paper Roll Easy Air Vortex Canon

I always wanted to make a vortex cannon! I mean, the word vortex canon just shouts awesomeness in every respect. But the time and will power to get down and make one always seemed to fly away, so I decided in my extended stay at home to think up a design that not only is easier than others, and super fast and easy to make.

So I designed the Toilet Paper Roll Vortex Canon, or T.P.V. canon for short. What makes this design different from others is that it only needs four tools/materials and takes less than five minutes to make. So this would be a great utensil to aid teaching at home, blow out unsuspecting candles, or just a fun family craft.



balloon (preferably smaller)

toilet paper roll



duct tape

Step 1:

Cut a small sized balloon in half just above where the shape starts to get wider.

Step 2:

Stretch the bigger half of the balloon over the end of the toilet paper roll. If you think it is too tight and can not fit try cutting just a little bit more off the balloon.

Step 3:

Now duct tape the edges of the balloon so the balloon does not pop off or to avoid losing an air tight seal.

Step 4:

Now cut 8 or so tabs on the other side of the roll to roll inwards to create a smaller diameter at the nozzle with having to add any more cardboard pieces. If you want to then cover the tabs with duct tape for a more uniform look, that is perfectly fine.

Step 5:

That's it! No need to deal with rubber bands, big plastic jugs, or drills to make a small yet effective vortex canon. Your brand new renewable T.P.V. canon is ready for action!

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