Introduction: Toilet Paper Roll Phone Mount

Do you need somewhere to keep your phone while its charging so that it is still upright? A phone mount is the answer to this.

Do you have a few spare toilet paper rolls lying around your house, and just a little cardboard? If you do, then you will easily be able to make this with just 30 minutes of your time. You won't regret it.

The toilet paper roll phone mount is also capable of giving your phone's speakers a stereo effect so they play just a little louder. A two in one deal. You can always charge your phone and listen to some good music at the same time.

Step 1: Materials

To build this project you will need:

1. 5 toilet paper rolls

2. some cardboard

3. scissors

4. a hot glue gun

5. a knife (can also use scissors as replacement)

6. 30 minutes of your time

Step 2: Hot Glue Toilet Paper Rolls Together

First begin by plugging in your hot glue gun, as the hot glue gun requires time to heat up. After about two minutes with the gun plugged in you can now pick up two of your toilet paper roll.

You want to apply the hot glue to one of the toilet paper rolls, and then put the second one on top of the glue. This will cause the two toilet paper rolls to come together. Repeat this procedure with another two toilet paper rolls.

Once you have completed that. Wait one to two minutes to allow the hot glue to dry and stick both toilet paper rolls together.

Now you have to glue both sets of toilet paper rolls together. You do this by applying hot glue to the top of one of the sets of toilet paper rolls and then putting the other set of rolls on top. This will form a stack of four toilet paper rolls.

Step 3: Hot Glue Cardboard Piece to Toilet Paper Rolls

Now you will need to cut a piece of cardboard that is the size of the stack of toilet paper rolls. This will serve as a front to the mount.

You will want to take measurements of the toilet papers rolls and then draw marks on your cardboard so that you are aware of where to cut. Once properly marked you can cut the cardboard with your scissors.

Now this cardboard piece will be taken and hot glued on top of the toilet paper roll stack. The side on which you glue is your choice as it will look the same either way. Again you will want to wait one to two minutes after applying the hot glue to move on to the next step as the glue has to dry.

Step 4: Hot Glue Cardboard Supports to Structure

After having the basic structure of the mount ready, we will now need to make the back support of the mount so that it is able to stand upright.

The back support will require the cutting out of two pieces of cardboard. These cardboard pieces are not supposed to be the same size. Rather one is longer than the other. I cut my cardboard pieces so that one is two inches shorter than the other.

The dimensions of my two cardboard pieces were 2'' x 5'' and 1.5'' x 3''. After cutting these pieces out you will need to hot glue them to the back of the phone mount structure. This is the side where you can still see the toilet paper rolls.

You should apply hot glue to the area in between the toilet paper rolls so that you are able to stick the cardboard pieces in more solidly. The longer cardboard piece should be put in the top space between toilet paper rolls. While the shorter cardboard piece should be put in the second space between the rolls. You should allow the same amount of time to let the hot glue dry as earlier.

Step 5: Cut Last Toilet Paper Roll

You will need to pick up your last toilet paper roll for this step. You will also need your scissors or knife.

Take your cutting utensil and cut the toilet paper roll down the middle lengthwise. This should be done so that only one side of the roll is open. Do not cut the whole roll in half.

Once that is done, turn the toilet paper roll to the opposite side of the cut. On this side make a slot in the center of the roll. This will serve as the hole for your charging wire to go through.

Step 6: Hot Glue Toilet Paper Roll

Lastly, hot glue the sliced toilet paper roll onto the front of the phone mount. The side with the cardboard piece facing you.

Apply hot glue to a side of the roll where there is no hole or slice, and then press it against the cardboard piece so that it sticks. Make sure that you apply the toilet paper roll in a way that the slice of the toilet paper roll is facing up so that your phone is able to easily fit in the roll.

Step 7: Finished Product

Your toilet paper roll phone mount is complete.

You can begin using it immediately.

Take advantage of all the added usability of your phone while you are charging it.


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