Introduction: Toilet Paper Sheep

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This a 3D printed sheep toilet paper holder. It adds a little bit of fun to an otherwise boring bathroom. It is modeled after two different sheep toilet paper holders I saw on Thingiverse (who knew that was a thing?). The first one had a fun cartoonish aesthetic, but was too large and elaborate. The other one had a minimal design that didn't appeal to me, but was more of the scale that I was looking for. I split the difference and designed one that was cartoonish and scaled to a single toilet paper roll.

Most of the parts are press fit and your tolerances may vary depending on which 3D printer you use. That said, I designed the part with a 0.005" tolerance. The one part that isn't entirely press fit is the toilet paper tube post that connects behind the face. While it was designed to press fit to the back side of the face, I also recognize that it may be loosened during normal use and may need reinforcement. On account of this, I designed the post with two holes for 6-32 set screws. Should that be too much of a hassle, you could always just glue it in place as well.


The parts you will need:

  • A 3D printer (I used a Creality CR-10)
  • Black PLA filament
  • White PLA filament
  • A roll of toilet paper


  • 6-32 tap
  • tap handle
  • 6-32 x 1/4" set screws
  • 1/16 hex wrench
  • 5-minute Epoxy or Krazy Glue

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Step 1: 3D Print the Parts

The following files that should be printed with Black PLA:

The following files should be printed with white PLA:

You could also copy the original model on Tinkercad and mod it to make your own.

Step 2: Press Fit the Eyes

Push the whites of the eyes into the sheep's eye sockets. If they are a little loose, apply a dab of glue to the back of the white pieces.

Step 3: Press Fit the Legs

Insert the sheep's legs into the leg sockets. Again, if they are a little loose, you can add a drop of glue to these as well.

Step 4: Attach the Post

Now is time to attach the post to the back side of the face.

To do this, I threaded the two holes in the post with a 6-32 tap and then partially threaded a 6-32 x 1/4" set screw in each hole.

Once the screws were in place, I lined up the screws with the two countersunk holes in the mount on the back of the face. I then threaded the set screws into the countersunk holes to hold the post firmly in place.

If the set screws are too much of a hassle for you, instead, you could simply add some glue to the joint and wait for it to set.

If that too is more work than you want to do, you could probably just get away with press-fitting the post to the face (at least for a little while) if you don't handle it too much.

Step 5: Finish Your Sheep

Insert the face into one end of the roll of toilet paper, place it on the base, and you're done!

If you are feeling really inspired, you could make a whole flock.

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