Introduction: Toilet Paper Tube Cat Toy!

this is a great toy for cats you can make easily from household materials.


toilet paper roll or roll of paper

cat treats



colored pencils (optional)

A cat !!!

Step 1: Making the Shape

get the roll and take one and and with two fingers push the ends twords each other.

Step 2: Making the Shape 2

then push the spikes you make in step one twords each other

repeat with other side

Step 3: Cut Flaps

use your scissors to cut open flaps or holes, make holes smaller if you want to increase dificulty

Step 4: Add Treats and Colors!!!

paint is not suggested since they might try and eat the paper. use colored pencils if you cant to decorate it (make sure it's non-toxic.) crayons also work fine. add your treats and catnip if you chose to use it.

Step 5: Give to Cat!

make sure to let them know that food is in there, or else they won't know. don't overfeed your cats!

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