Introduction: Toilet Paper Tube Kaleidoscope

This is a cheap and simple Kaleidoscope that you can make at home from materials lying around your house. It would be a little fun thing to have and especially no Kaleidoscope will be the same.


· Thick paper (I used the brown one in the picture)

· Toilet paper tube

· Glue

· Tape

· Ruler

· Cling wrap

· Beads (Be as creative as you want. I would recommend the shiny beads with a variety of colors because it works best for reflection) *I also tried cut out pieces of jumping wires

Step 1: Wrap Toilet Roll in Cling Wrap at One End

Secure the wrap with tape.

Step 2: Trace and Cut Out a Circle Slightly Smaller Than the Rim Using the Transparent Sheet of Paper

This is should be small enough to fit inside the coil. Cut out 2 of these circles. Add one to the inside and at end of the coil touching the wrap. (This would decrease friction created from the wrap material)

Step 3: Insert Beads in the Tube and 2nd Transparent Circle on Top

Step 4: Measure the Height of the Beads, Length of the Cylinder Coil and Its Diameter.

Length of the coil (l)

Diameter of coil (r)

Height of beads (h)

Step 5: Draw the Equilateral on the Thick Paper

Step 6: Measure Out the Edge of Equilateral Triangle

Edge length of the equilateral triangle (R)

Step 7: Cut Out 3 Rectangles With Following Dimensions on Both White Paper and Thick Paper (6 Rectangles in Total)

Step 8: Pair These Rectangle and Tape Them Together

Pair 1 white paper rectangle + 1 thick paper rectangle together and tape over the face to give it a reflective face on the white surface. (Alternatively, you can use aluminum foil)

Step 9: Make the Prism. Tape 3 Pairs Together With White Reflective Face Inwards

Step 10: Insert the Prism Into the Tube.

Step 11: Cut Another Circle With an Eye Hole

Step 12: Glue It on Top of the Tube

Step 13: Decorate (optional)

Wrap a piece of paper around the finished kaleidoscope and decorate it as you like.