Introduction: Toilet Paper Roll - Lamp

What to do with the toilet paper tubes?
Since 1879 when the [ttp:// Scott Paper] Company sells the first toilet paper on a roll, the remainig tube have been discarted.
Now you can reuse them to make this fabolus lamp.

Step 1: Materials

32 toilet paper tubes
1 stapler
1 tape
1 scissors
1 pen
1 bulb and electric instalation.

Step 2: Mark

Make a ruler to mark the tubes.
20 tubes must have in 6 parts.
and 12 tubes with 5 parts.

Step 3: Cut

Cut on the lines, and open the flaps.

Step 4: Assemble

Take one tube of 5 flaps and attach with the stapler in each flap one tube with 6 flaps.
Always is going to be like this all the 5 ones conect with 6 ones, but not all the 6 ones conect with 5 ones. REMEMBER: You have to make this little triangle in between.

Step 5: The Last 5

Leave the last 5 tube and attach it with clips (pic 3). So you can replace the bulb.
You can make a figure as indicated in picture number 2, to avoid the direct contact with the bulb and the tube.

Step 6: Ready!

You can cut the other side of the tubes to make it more ornamented.