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Introduction: Toilet Paper Roll Parrot Toy

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Parrots love to chew and destroy, what better thing for them to destroy then your trash!?

I make these for my cockatoo and my parents four big birds ( a amazon, two African greys, and a cockatoo.) Sometimes I even volunteer to make some for the local bird rescue.

Little birds love chewing on these too! (cockateils, budgies, and love bird sizes)

All you need is:

-empty toilet paper roll


If you wanted to you can hang them up with rope, or just hand them straight to your parrot for them to play with.

Step 1: Cut

Cut 4-5 slices out of the roll with some fairly sharp scissors.

You want them to be about a inch thick. more or less it really doesn't matter

Step 2: Assemble

Put the slices inside each other until they form a ball.

OPTIONAL: you can put peanuts or other treats in the middle and this will keep your parrot interested for a little while.

(big birds tear through one of these in no time, little birds it takes days)

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    Mark Boulton
    Mark Boulton

    5 years ago

    Is the glue that holds the roll together not harmful for the bird ?

    I only say this because my African grey loves eating paper!


    5 years ago

    I realize you wrote this more than a year ago. I hope you're still involved with Instructables, and that you double back and check your comments from time to time.

    This is a great instructable - your narrative makes it easy to tell you're a bird person! For larger birds, might I please suggest alternating the toilet paper roll slices with substantial layer(s) of wrapped knotted string and/or chain (enough to make getting to the cardboard more challenging)? Perhaps hanging the toy from a length of chain to make it harder to grip? Your bird toys are great all by themselves, with the added bonus of inspiring further thought - THANKS!