Introduction: Toilet/Knife Sharpening

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For myself, I've got to have a sharp kitchen knife. Nothing bugs me more than being at someone's home using a dull knife hearing "I don't have a sharpening stone." Every house has a sharpening stone, you just don't know it

Step 1: Toilet Tank Lid

There are 2 ways to go about this. I usually prefer the toilet tank lid method because I can take the lid to the sink, scrub it clean and put a towel down on a countertop where it's comfortable.
The area you're looking for is on the underside of the lid. On the outer edges, there is usually an unfinished raised edge that seats the lid and did not get finished with a porcelain coating (the raw ceramic part). From there, sharpen your knife as you see fit.

Step 2: Toilet Tank Edge

This was the way I first started and have found some tank lids don't cooperate with the length of a knife.
It's fast, handy and does put a terrific edge on a knife.

Happy cutting