Introduction: Tokylamp

About: Tokymaker isn’t just about DIY building, it is an intuitive way for youngs and adults to learn the fundamentals of electronics, programming, iot and solve problems creatively. It is a set of two shields toghet…

Today we want to show you how easy could be to create your personal lamp with the Tokymaker.

We designed this lamp from paper so that, everyone can create and enjoy it at home illuminating the dark up.

Step 1: Materials

First steps: Download from our website ( the template to build the structure of the TokyLamp or design your own one. The only things needed for this incredible project are: a Tokymaker, a cutter, papers, a LED ring and 3 rotation sensors.

Step 2: Process

Now, connect the three rotation sensors to the three inputs so that after coding you would be able to regolate the color you like the most. Connect the LED ring to the first output of the Tokymaker. Use a battery to charge the Tokymaker.

Step 3: Simple Game

With the coding you find on our website you can either decide to choose your favourite color for the lamp and, to play the game we have conceived: it consist in finding the perfect shade of pink, magenta.

Only by mixing the perfect quantity of blu, green and red you will be able to find the exact shade and the Tokymaker will tell you when you win.

Step 4: Result

At the end, just put the tokymaker, with a battery, inside the lamp and be delighted by the atmosphere you have created.

Look at the result, you have actually coded and designed an incredible project without any kind of effort.