Introduction: Tomato Bike Lamp (SSC P7)

Actually the tittle should be "Poor man SSC P7 bike lamp" ;-).
I've decided some time ago to build my own bike lamp based on SSC P7 LED. Sounds nice but instead using lathe and aluminium etc, I cut some corners and that instructable shows how quickly I've made fully functional bike light.
At first of all I've purchased drop-in SSC P7 (led+mirror+driver) plus glass (both items costs approx 16 quid from dealextreme) also some bits and pieces came from maplin: switch, battery holder connectors (all together about fiveish).
Now a bit of explanantion why I called it "Tomato Bike Lamp". Enclosure is made of tomato ketchup lid and tomato puree tin. As I said poor man design ;-)
Rest of the small bits and pieces like grommets, old lamp mount, screws and washers, cable, velcro strap and nylon fabric I found at home or work.
Also I've used primer and black paint (some spirit/degreaser and sand paper), soldering iron, file, snippers, utility knife, drill and bits.

Step 1: Body

Body is made from tomato purée tin which more less the same diameter like led mirror. All I needed is cut to the right length and drill some holes for handlebar mount, cable grommet and switch.

Step 2: Body

I've made ring from tomato ketchup cap to support glass and hold led in place.
Removed roughly stuff from inside of the cap by snipers, and than using utility knife/sandpaper made it perfectly fit to tin size, also glass and led itself fit very tight inside.

Step 3: Painting

Nothing to talk about. Sanded and degreased, primed, painted.

Step 4: Asembling - Handlebar Mount

Put everything together.
At first of all handlebar mount. Inside I've made big washer for better support.
Switch and cable grommet
Under the red ring I've added some silicone glue to keep it water tight.

Step 5: Battery Pack

Battery pack is standard 6 x AA  blister.
At the moment I keep the batteries in plastic bag wrapped by rubber bands ;-) (I know it looks ugly but is only temporary solution). Fortunately I have Topeak frame bag so I can keep the "battery pack" inside for time being.
I've found old bag (fabric donnor) and I'll sew sort of bag/pouch with Velcro strap to attach it to stem or handlebar.
If you ride in low temperatures, consider bigger pouch or box and add some insulation (which I'll do probably).

Step 6: Finished

Final product...

Step 7: Final Test and Thoughts

As I mentioned that was quick and low cost project. The lamp is for commuting and looks plastic-chinese-supermarket so not attract thieves (the same as my old Mongoose commuter bike ;-)).
Probably for proper road/MTB you'll be fancy to have something which looks more neatly, but for now that's enough. In the future I'm planning replace driver, because I heard that standard dealextreme driver is crap and replacing the driver will give me more light output.