Tomato Rice Soup

Introduction: Tomato Rice Soup

This is a beautiful fresh soup that can be eaten hot or cold.  Easy and quick for a busy lifestyle.  Hope you enjoy.  Always good with bread.

Step 1: Extra Ideas

Sometimes I like to add a couple of carrots and chop them up about the same size as other veges.

I also like to put 1/2 cup red lentils but you need to adjust amount of stock accordingly.

Tastes great with some fresh grated parmesan too!

Step 2: Ingredients

Olive oil
1 onion
2 sticks celery
1 clove garlic
large can tomatoes/ about 750g fresh*
1/2 cup rice
1 L stock (chicken or vege)
5 or 6 large basil leaves
cracked black pepper
salt if you desire

*If you're using fresh tomatoes add about a spoon of tomato paste to make the taste and colour a little stronger

Step 3: How To:

Chop up onions & celery big if you like a chunky soup or small if you prefer.
Crush garlic.

Step 4:

Saute these in 2-3 tblsp olive oil until soft.

Step 5:

Add tomatoes and cook up for about 10 mins if fresh or 5 if canned then stir in stock and bring to boil.

Step 6:

Now toss in the rice (and lentils if using).  Stir and season.  Reheat to boiling then reduce and simmer about 15 - 20 mins until rice is soft but not mushy.  Toss in torn basil leaves and stir through.

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