Tomato Upma




Introduction: Tomato Upma

-Tomato upma can be a good breakfast which is perfect as one pot meal. This is another variation of normal upma with added tomatoes which give tangy taste and is tasty.


-One and half cup semolina

-4 and half cups of water

-one large tomato

-one chopped potato

-one diced onion

-Few curry leaves

-2 dry red chillies

-half tsp cumin,mustard seeds

-half tsp split black gram

-one tsp bengal gram

-Few roasted peanuts

-Half tsp of chopped ginger

-pinch of turmeric

-salt as per taste

-Any cooking oil

Step 1: Tempering

-First step is tempering. Take little oil in vessel and half tsp cumin,mustard seeds.when they crackle add split black gram and one tsp bengal gram.

Step 2: Add Curry Leaves and Ginger

-Next add few curry leaves and finely chopped ginger and saute till ginger smell leaves

Step 3: Add Diced Onions

-Add diced onions and saute until they are cooked.

-Add few roasted peanuts and mix

Step 4: Add Turmeric and Red Chillies

-Next add pinch of turmeric and dry red chillies and saute

Step 5: Add Diced Potatoes and Tomatoes

-Add diced potatoes and cook for some time,Then add chopped tomatoes and mix

Step 6: Add Salt and Water

-Add salt as per taste and add 4 and half cups of water for one and half cup semolina .

Step 7: Add Semolina

-To prevent lumps from forming while adding semolina, you can mix semolina in little water first.

-Add this semolina paste to boiling water and mix.

Step 8: Serve Tomato Upma Hot

Serve tomato upma hot with some pickle

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    5 years ago

    oh now I get it how to avoid the lumps.. lol.. thank you.