Tomb Kings - a Hierotitan Conversion

Introduction: Tomb Kings - a Hierotitan Conversion

As you all know there is no model for a Hierotitan available on the market for the Tomb Kings Army in Warhammer. So I've decided to try and make one out of spare parts and the knowledge available in the army book about the Hierotitan. Your Hierotitan probably will only end up similar to mine because I've added a few Chaos Space Marine bits to my model (i.e. the chains and the scales).

Time required - 8-15 hours

Materials Needed -

*John Cena action figure (purchased at Target) - $11
*Games Workshop's Greenstuff
*Loctite super glue
*Elmer's glue all
*Wire Cutters
*Spare bits from Tomb Kings especially Necrosphinx components
*Spare bits from other armies if possible

Total: $11
Bonegiant: $45
You save: ~$34

*Note most of the materials listed here will be needed for other Games Workshop Miniatures. So their prices have not been included.

Step 1: Using Greenstuff

Games Workshop's Greenstuff is a great modeling tool but it can sometimes be annoying and unfriendly. For people unfamiliar with it, it is like a clay specifically used for modeling.

1. For new users the first step is to cut off a piece of both sides, yellow and blue evenly.
2. Next, squish the two pieces continuously together until it turns green (hence the name).
3. I recommend waiting 15-30 minutes to use the Greenstuff as it can be very sticky and disagreeable right when its first made.
4. After about 30 minutes the Greenstuff will begin to harden making it harder to mold but less sticky on your hands.

Step 2: Fitting the Armor

The first step involves fitting the chest piece, the shoulders, and the belt to John Cena. *Note all of the armor isn't shown in the picture because I add things at different times when I see opportunities present themselves.

1. Glue the chest piece to John Cena
2. Making sure the belt and the chest connect at the center, glue the belt piece on next. Also I used a half circle banner from the Tomb King chariots to use on the back of his belt.
3. Next glue the Shoulder pads onto Cena's shoulders making sure the tab things are vertical.
4. Apply Greenstuff to connect the shoulder pads with the chest piece. Apply Greenstuff to connect the front and the back parts of the belt.
5. Optional: The arms of the Necrosphinx have bracers with Scarabs on them, I decided to attach them to Cena's wrists.

Step 3: Attaching the Wings

These can be a pain.

1. Roll out about 1/8 of a stick of Greenstuff into a oval.
2. Press the end of the wing into the Greenstuff.
3. Making sure the wings are symmetrical, press the ends with the green stuff onto Cena's back.
*Note: This can be painstakingly difficult. Be patient and hold the wings on or find something to balance them against until the Greenstuff dries.

Step 4: The Helmet + Head Accecories

At first I tried to apply the regular sized helmet from the Necrosphinx set to John Cena's head. Well that didn't work but a variation of the same helmet did.

1. Cut the Necrosphinx helmet about halfway down (about right after the 3rd set of Triangular stripes). Also cut out the arm sockets.
2. Cut the Spikes that line the top off one side of the helmet.
3. Flip the helmet so the bottom is facing forward. Glue both sides of the helmet onto John Cena's head trying to make them symmetrical.
4. Apply Green stuff into the gap left in the middle of the armor, try to make it look smooth.
5. Put the spikes back that were cut off earlier, but onto the Greenstuff instead. I also added that little skull thingy that came with the Necrosphinx set.


1. Goatee from Necrosphinx can be glued to chin.
2. Cobra from Necrosphinx can be glued to forehead.
3. I also applied green stuff to make a circlet that included the Cobra.

Step 5: The Base

This was one of the most tricky parts to do. In order to disguise his feat I had to bury them in sand. This took a lot of Greenstuff and leftover Skeleton warrior shields. I cut his feet off but i don't see why you can't leave them on in hindsight. I used a peetri dish for my base, if you have a 50mm x 50mm base lieing around I'm not sure if he'll fit but I just plan on marking off his dimensions with paint, as soon as I paint him.

1. Pile shields around each other with glue, making sure they are the correct foot spacing.
2. Get about a half stick of green stuff for each piled area and flatten it and apply it over the shields.
3. I had an extra clawed Necrosphinx lying around so I decided to make it partially visible and even used the bracer or gauntlet it was on as a sort of leg cuff for Cena. This can be done by hallowing it out so only the bracer is left, cutting away the leg it was on, and then using Greenstuff to attach it to Cena's leg.
4. After, I applied a ball of Greenstuff to both of Cena's stumps and pressed him down and made sure he was balanced.
5. If he's not secure apply green stuff up his legs.
6. Optional: There are many cool things from the Tomb King's set in general that can be applied to the base, such as: Skulls, Banners, Graves, etc... feel free to put anything on the base.
7. Spread Elmer's Glue all around the base, and in a secure container pour sand onto the base.

Step 6: The Scale

Another tricky instrument to make. In this step I used Chaos Space Marine bits from Warhammer 40k if you don't have any of those, its time to improvise. *Note I was originally going to put the scale in his right hand, but it didn't fit as well I'd hoped so I strapped it to his belt and got rid of the long tail of green stuff from the top.

1. Cut out 3/4" segment from any bits package to use as the base. Cut 45 degree angles on both sides.
2. I used one of the bracers from an arm of the Necrosphinx as the next part. Along with this I cut off part of an old unusable paint brush. This made up my mid section.
3. For the cross bar of the scale I used one of the really long spears that should go on one of the skeletons riding the Warsphinx. just cut off the tip, ball up some green stuff and stick it on top of the midsection making sure its even on both ends.
4. I had the perfect amount of chains left over (6). Four of them had really cool skulls attached to the bottom which were from both my Chaos set and some Dark Elf bits I still have. Glue these on with half a wheel from a Chaos bike as both of the scales.
5. Optional: I applied Greenstuff in a swirling manner down the midsection to cover up gaps.

Step 7: The Staff

Fairly simple design. I like the Egyptian Heqa staff design and I've used it on my custom Hierophants. Feel free to improvise or customize yours however you'd like.

1. Cut two long segments from two different brushes, or similar cylindrical devices. I happened to have unusable brushes that fit perfectly for this role.
2. Attach the two segments together at the hand with a little less than an 1/8th of a stick of green stuff. You'll have to play around with the exact dimensions.
3. On the bottom Glue the unused Necrosphinx tailpiece.
4. For the top of the staff to make the circle, I wrapped Greenstuff around a paper clip and bent it into shape.
5. Try and roll the green stuff back into an even proportion.
6. After the Greenstuff dries you may want use a scalpel to shave some to make it smoother looking.
7. Optional: I did the same thing with the staff as I did with the scale. I wrapped a thin string of Greenstuff around it to make a swirl type pattern.

Step 8: Primering

This step will turn your cheesy John Cena action figure into an awesome looking Hierotitan.

1. Find a well vented area, preferably outside.
2. Make sure you are spray painting into a box or some other disposable surface.
3. Spray about 12 inches away from the model, in small bursts. *Note: If the can of primer is upside down the can will not spray properly. consult the back of the spray can for further warnings and directions.

Step 9: Paint Your Hierotitan

I have regrettably not had the time to do this step because it would take about 10 hours or more using the stone technique shone on the Warsphinx/Necrosphinx. I hope you all will either use this as a model for your Hierotitan or take something useful out of it. It will save you a lot of money when comparing it to buying the Tomb Kings' Bone Giant and converting it. I also think this one looks a lot cooler than the Bone Giant, just dont tell your friends that it's actually John Cena in a disguise. Thank you for reading, and I'll see you on the battlefield!

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