Introduction: Tomos / Moped LED Headlights

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This is my first Instructable. Please keep in mind English is not my native language, so it might be possible that I make some mistakes.

I found the stock headlight on my Tomos Quadro not bright enough and I found on Banggood two 12-80V/DC LED headlights. I decided to order them at the 7th of July and I received them at the 17th of July.

I've already placed a 12V motorcycle battery on it with a diode, so the battery charges when riding and I have DC instead of AC.

Here's what I used:

- 2x LED headlamps ( ) = $10.99 each

- about ten metres (or so, I forgot how much length) 2*2mm2 cable (there are 2 cores, about 14 gauge each)

- 1x spade connector male

- 1x spade connector female

- 1x DPDT switch (waterproof is recommended, but I had a 'normal' one lying around)

- 8mm (wood) drill (for drilling the holes in the guards for the lamps)

- 12mm drill (for drilling the hole in the dashboard for the light switch)

- soldering iron

- solder

- heatshrink tubing

- heatgun

Allright, let's get to it.

Step 1: Law

If you want to mount (extra) lights on your moped, you might want to check the local rules or the law in your country if it's allowed.

I live in the Netherlands and in my country there are two headlights on a moped allowed, but only if they have the same color and size.

Step 2: Marking and Drilling Holes

For mounting the lights I've chosen, you have to drill 8 mm holes.

I used a 6 mm iron drill with a centerpoint for the first hole and after that I used an 8 mm drill for making them bigger.

Be careful when drilling a hole in the plastic of the cover and place a piece of scrap wood underneath the cover, so it won't break.

Then I used a 12 mm wood drill for drilling a hole in the dashboard for the switch for changing the light strength.

Also be careful here: do not apply much pressure, the plastic will break fast!

Step 3: Electrical

I unplugged the female crimp connector from the stock headlight and I crimped a male crimp connector on a red cable for the LED lights.

Then I soldered the red wire to the common connector on the SPDT switch.

I soldered the two brown wires from the lights (full power) to the left pin of the switch and the two blue wires from the lights (less power) to the right pin of the switch.

The yellow/green wires of the lights were connected with the brown wires of the Tomos in a female crimping connector and the connector was connected to the grounding of the stock headlight.

Step 4: After Mounting

If you mounted everything, it could look like this.

Thanks for reading this Instructable and if you have any questions, place them below.