Introduction: Frequency Changing Speaker With 555timer

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This is the tone changing speaker. It relies on a 555timer and a variable resistor. It gives you a very funky sound but it has to be manually operated. frequency

Step 1: Components:

In this project, you will be needing:

1x Breadboard

1x 9v battery connector

1x speaker

1x 555 timer

1x 100uf Capacitor

1x 0.022uf Capacitor

1x 0.01uf Capacitor

2x 10k Resistor

1x 47ohm Resistor

1x 100k Variable resistor

Step 2: Components Footprint

Before you get started, it is a good idea to get used to the component footprint (symbol).

Even though this is a digital breadboard, I still try to make the component footprint look as similar to the real component as possible. As seen in the photo above.

Also the lines are wires, it does not matter what colour they are.

Remember to pay close attention to the way the 555 timer faces. Ignore the '555' written on the chip, just look at the numbers.

Step 3: Now Build It!

Now that you know everything about the circuit, you can start building!

Use the photo above as reference.

Remember the way the chip faces.

Step 4: Finish!

Now that you have finished, go and test the circuit to see if it work. There will be an image here soon.

Yes: It will create a constant sound if it works correctly. Now twist the variable resister and the tone should change. You can create a funky pattern by constantly adjusting the variable resistor. Congratulations, you have completed this project.

No: If no sound is produces or a very weak and fading one then you have a connection issue. First check all your components are the right way around (polarity), then check your wiring connections. If it still does not work, then you might want to try the circuit again.